CFI – Women in Secularism

Advance Copy of the CFI women in secularism conference schedule.

Day 1

8 AM: Rebecca Watson – On the positive aspects of burqas: how they can prevent almost rapes from almost happening.

9 AM: Ophelia Benson – 10 tips for identifying misogyny in everyday household items.

10 AM: Greta Christina – Don’t be a misogynist while sleeping: how to prevent sexual dreams where you might have sex without getting to know her.

11 AM: Free samples giveaway of Fasten-it-down-while-you-sleep anti-misogyny clamps.

12 PM: Jennifer McCreight – Feminist lunch etiquette or why you shouldn’t serve bananas without chopping them into tiny little pieces.

1 PM: Non-conformist-to-societal-beauty-myths body positive lunch – Sausages, cake, burgers, pizza, french fries, ice cream.

2 PM: PZ Myers – On strong independent women: how to make sure you don’t inadvertently make them feel uncomfortable or almost raped.

3 PM: Rebecca Watson – On anti-misogynist modeling or how to pose nude without sexualizing yourself.

4 PM: Ophelia Benson – The final solution to the “bitch” problem – the case for why we don’t need “man’s” best friend.

5 PM: Greta Christina – The complete theory of rapists – combining the theories of relative rapists and quantum rapists.

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7 Responses to CFI – Women in Secularism

  1. lost control says:

    Hilarious. No, hysterical, even.

  2. astrokid.nj says:

    LOL.. I cant decide which is the best in there, but I am picking “The final solution”.

  3. Beefaice says:


  4. wtfbits says:

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Came for the lunch, stayed for the gendercide.

  6. caseymordred says:


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