Fem Laden Crosses The Street

Background for this video

So I learned this trick. Cross the street about a block back and “pass” the lady that way. Same with a potential head-on encounter. If you see a woman walking towards you in the middle of the night on a lonely urban street, my practice in those days was to cross the street to not stress her out.

All men. ALL men who have given sufficient consideration to women’s position in our society do this walking trick. If you are a man and you do not know about this trick then there is a problem with you.



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2 Responses to Fem Laden Crosses The Street

  1. Ha! You know you’re on the right side of the “debate” when you’re the one laughing. They’re not joking, of course, because “misogyny” is a serious, serious issue. In fact, it’s the same as rape… or a cup of coffee.

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