The Misogynists of the Atheist Community – PZ Myers, Laden, Rebecca Watson, and the Witch

[Trigger Warning for rational and logical arguments you may not want to hear]

The title is an exaggeration. I don’t actually think that they are misogynists. I don’t even think they might be Schrodinger’s misogynists (First indication of woo – appropriating scientific terms for subjective philosophy AKA the Chopra method for appearing legit). However, by the standards set by them for labeling someone as one, they are easily so. Confused? You won’t be if you have sufficiently high standards or at least standards high enough to use words precisely and correctly. Misogyny means the hatred or dislike of women. Unfortunately the above people seem to be under the misapprehension that it refers to anyone who

  • 1) Makes women feel uncomfortable.
  • 2) Sexualizes women or wants to fuck women without getting to know them.
  • 3) Uses gendered slurs like ‘bitch’.

Anyone who thinks of this rationally without getting hysterical with emotion will see that none of the above can really be equated with the hating of women. If you ask a woman out for coffee and she feels uncomfortable then that doesn’t mean you hate women. Leaving aside the obvious absurdity of men who hate women surviving natural selection, sex without attachments is for pleasure and there is no logical path from wanting that to hating women.

The third is a bit more nuanced, but only just. Words like dicks and pigs are used to refer to men all the time and if men and women are to be treated equally, then women are not to be spared some words that some of them can’t stand. Now that argument is not enough to shut up those hurling the word privilege around as if it were a magic spell that converts all opposing subjective views into the objective fact of women being almost raped almost everywhere. Their claim is that using the word bitch is demeaning to all women. To that I say: Most people have female relatives, mothers, sisters, and lovers whom they love and respect. So rest fully assured that when they call YOU a bitch, they are only demeaning YOU.

Now the I-have-a-bigger-vag-than-you side has been hurling the word misogynist around much like monkeys throwing feces. So I think it only fair to throw it back to them using reasons much more meaningful than their non-sequiturs.

Members of Team Twatson (Alliterations are awesome) are misogynists because they consider ALL women as being weak, inferior, and fragile creatures who need to be protected from WORDS that might make them FEEL uncomfortable. In addition, they are misogynists because they discount the opinions of (the rational) women (ERV, Miranda, Kirby) on the opposing side who don’t agree with them a 100%.

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2 Responses to The Misogynists of the Atheist Community – PZ Myers, Laden, Rebecca Watson, and the Witch

  1. Very solid indeed. Wtfbits, from your comments at Abbie’s: I can totally understand why you didn’t jump in earlier. But now that you’re there, please do participate. Contrary to how ERV is represented by Team Watson, Abbie’s is in fact the most reasonable place to discuss at the moment.

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